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Q: What is BASIS Women's Forum?
Ans: BASIS Women's Forum (BWF) is a membership and networking platform for women in the ICT sector, regardless of their educational background, enthusiastic to be a part the ICT industry of Bangladesh. This is an initiative of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) to empower women's role and activities in the ICT sector.
Q: Why such a platform?
Ans: Over the years, the ICT industry in Bangladesh has entered the digital domain and in it has seen a great shift towards the better future. However, it seems the key roles in this vast industry is being mostly occupied by men. Approximate statistics of the 700+ companies in the BASIS database show that of all the companies listed only 13% women work as professionals compared to men and amidst them only 3% women hold an entrepreneurship and leadership position. 

This shows that no matter how much we have progressed, women are still underrepresented in the ICT industry, meaning the "gender divide" is still the biggest barrier for ICT industry to boom. 

If BWF is asked about the very basic reason of its existence, the answer would be: 

1. To increase awareness in our society of the importance of female empowerment through ICT. 

2. To improve and increase women's involvement Bangladesh IT ecosystem.
Q: Who are our target audience?
Ans: In order to clarify this, the target audience has been divided into 2 categories:
Q: Any activity plan?
Ans: Our activity plan can be summarized in a grid:
Throughout the year, these activities will be run in 3 planned quarters along with mass media promotion of the progress of BWF.
Q: Expected impact?

1. Improving the previously mentioned statistics of IT professionals and entrepreneurs in our ICT industry by increasing women's participation in jobs and businesses. 

2. Break the stereotypical belief that men are the gatekeepers of technology and rather improve the techno-world with equal involvement of both genders of the society. 

3. Complete a white paper research that shall look at female involvement in the past and compare it with the recent and upcoming years in the ICT sector. 

4. Introduce the benefit of using ICT for women's income. 

5. Mainstream the presence of women as an IT member in the society 

6. To increase women's Involvement in Bangladeshi IT sector

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