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18 Apr 2018
BASIS-CPTU Meeting Held
08 Apr 2018
BASIS Executive Council’s Installation Ceremony Held
02 Apr 2018
Syed Almas Kabir is the New President of BASIS
31 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election (2018-2020) Held
15 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election will take Place on 31 March, 2018
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Data Center Collocation
Data Center

We understand in today’s information age, secure data storage and ZERO downtime are vital. Our co-location facilities provide necessary reliability to get you online faster & ensure your servers are up and running smoothly at all times. In addition we are a carrier-neutral data center supporting multiple ISPs, so you get to choose your own carrier with competitive price.

CoLoCitydata center co-location service offers you the space,  power, cooling and other related facilities to install and operate IT & Telecom equipments on an outsource/OpEx model and this service allows IT Department to focus on their job by not invest and have to manage on the infrastructure.

Collocation facilities have the following properties not found in most commercial offices:

§  Multiple Service Options.

§  Designed to Tier-III Data Center Specification (Concurrently Maintainable)

o   Backup power supplies (N+N) (Generator & UPS)

o   Precision Climate controlled air conditioning.

o   Raised floors for structured cabling.

§  Authorized visitor’s access on 24 X 7 X 365

§  Multiple Carriers’ links to anywhere.

§  Managed Services

§  Dedicated Rack Space

§  Shared Rack Space

§  World Class Internet Bandwidth Service

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated Silver

1 X Intel Xeon Processor X3450 (2.66 GHz, Quad Core, 8 MB Cache)

HDD: 500 GB (500 GB X 2 RAID 1), RAM: 16 GB, Bandwidth: 1MB


Dedicated Gold

1 X Intel Xeon E5‐2620 (2.00GHz, 6core, 15 MB, 7.20 GT/s, Intel QPI)

HDD: 500 GB (500 GB X 2 RAID 1), RAM: 16 GB, Bandwidth: 1MB


Dedicated Platinum 

2 X Intel Xeon E5‐2620 (2.00GHz, 6core, 15 MB, 7.20 GT/s, Intel QPI)

HDD: 500 GB (500 GB X 2 RAID 1), RAM: 16 GB, Bandwidth: 1MB

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Barracuda Anti Spam Solution
Web Services

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Benefits

 Purpose-built anti-virus engine

 Prioritizes quickly propagating threats

 Triple layer threat protection

 Zero hour response through Barracuda Real-Time Protection

 Easy to use Web administration GUI

 End user quarantine and settings

 Outlook and Notes plug-ins


• Comprehensive email protection

– Out of the box, 95% spam blocking with less than 0.01% false positives

– 12 Layers of Defense

• Best of breed virus protection

• Hands free maintenance

– 6 of the 12 layers are managed by Barracuda Central engineers

• Per user basis fees

• No tension for Hardware

• Pay as you use

• Industry leading anti-spam appliance

– Trusted by 100,000 customers in over 80 countries

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Hosted Email Solution
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