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15 Jan 2019
BASIS EC Meets & Greets Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
14 Jan 2019
Felicitation Program of Hon'ble ICT Ministers by BASIS, BCS, ISPAB, BACCO, e-CAB
19 Dec 2018
Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of BASIS Held
08 Dec 2018
BASIS is Proud to be Associated with NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018: This Year 2 Bangladeshi Projects have Clinched to Top 4!
22 Nov 2018
BASIS Felicitates it's Adviser Abdullah H. Kafi for getting ASOCIO Honorary Award
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Business Automation
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Discover the Competitive Business Edge! Get business optimization and automation services from one source...and watch your business profits soar...

We are all too busy with the day to day operations of our business. Do we have time to do everything that is required in today’s business environment? The answer is no. Do we have options as business professionals to that all that is required is completed? The answer is yes! The solution is Business Automation.

VEBSITE does it all! You have seen our services, visit our website, email us, or call us. We are a creditable, qualified organization who knows what it’s like to produce quality goods and services on a daily basis without falling behind, losing orders, or becoming stagnant. Today’s businesses need to expand in many directions and assistance in accomplishing your strategic goals is inevitable.

Website development
Web Services

We offer a vast range of services to accomplish enterprise portal development for businesses of all sizes. Ranging from information management to high-end web services, custom portals by Open Solutions will help your organization fulfill your growth target.

Our plans are packed with value added features, giving you fabulous flexibility to do more with your website. We also offer additional services that you can easily add to your plan to help take your site to the next level. Our add-ons include

* Customer management

* Site management

* Money makers

* Search engine tools

* Customer support

* Properties listing tools

* Blogs

Web Application
Web Services

We have a broad range of experience and expertise in all of the various technologies; therefore we are able to provide you with effective and efficient solutions for your business. We are a consulting company that has a firm grounding in ethics and quality. We provide timely, high quality web solutions for our clients from around the world. Our consultants use precise tools for achieving the desired results, using all of the different platforms.


Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications provide the end user with an interface that is faster and more responsive than traditional applications. Providing an unparalleled interactive web experience, Rich Internet Application Development enable businesses to improve productivity, utilize advanced communication systems, and provide a higher level of service to customers.

Delivering a variety of exciting features and uses, Rich Internet Applications such as videos, word processors, online games and mobile apps have been consistently gaining in popularity around the world. Rich Internet Applications developed by the experts at Open Solutions offer superior accessibility, portability and scalability. With high levels of performance and reliability, the Rich Internet Application we provide give end users an optimal web experience.

Business Applications

We believe that control over diverse organizational actions can be gained by streamlining processes with passive enforcements using sophisticated technology. The benefits of using technology are accessibility, portability and scalability, and the web is most advanced medium to maximum the benefits gained from technology use. Use of advanced web applications as an integral part of your business process will surely give your organization a competitive edge.

We love technology and challenges. Our highly innovative team is always eager to build something that doesn’t exist. PLAVEB specializes in requirement-specific custom web application development. Advanced web based business applications are built according to client requirements. Knowledge of cutting edge technology, understanding client requirements, and business insight are the most important factors for successful project execution.

Online Marketing and E-Commerce

Ecommerce, one of the hottest brands in online industry is the way to convert the brick and mortar store into online emporium capable of distributing the manufacturer's products globally without any geographical restrictions.So what are you waiting for, if you are a manufacture, exporter start selling your product online and be a part of this giant online industry. We provide advanced level of internet marketing solutions for ecommerce solutions and marketing.

We understand that installing and looking at the basic data is easy and requires hardly any effort. But there are specialized analytic tools which serve different purposes. Some tools help in better understanding of keywords, while others help in capturing user movement which in turn helps in landing page optimization. We strongly believe in the principle of 80/20, which states that 80% of your result is driven by 20% of your efforts. Same applies on the web, where 20% of the traffic will result in 80% of the result. We have worked with several clients to identify their key areas through which revenue generation can be manifolded. Looking at the numbers thrown by analytics can be meaningless if the numbers are not interpreted to create meaningful information which can be used for business purpose, and we make sure that this information is presented to the company in precise and clear manner.

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