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18 Apr 2018
BASIS-CPTU Meeting Held
08 Apr 2018
BASIS Executive Council’s Installation Ceremony Held
02 Apr 2018
Syed Almas Kabir is the New President of BASIS
31 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election (2018-2020) Held
15 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election will take Place on 31 March, 2018
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Clipping Path
Image Editing
Clipping path or Silhouette/silo is the process of cutting out the original background of an image and inserting it into a new image or background.
Multiple Clipping/Color Paths
Image Editing
Multiple Clipping Path is the process of using clipping path/silo/silhouetting to change the color of an individual or parts of an image/photo, make color correction or add an extra color effect.
Channel Masking/Soft Mask
Image Editing
It is an extremely swift and effective method for selecting an object with a reasonable color contrast to the surrounding pixels is to create a mask and then to load this mask as a selection.
Layer Masking
Image Editing
Layer mask in Photoshop is a very powerful tool to create a virtual image mask, to combine images, to select complex images and many more.
Image Shadowing (natural/drop/reflection shadow)
Image Editing
Image shadowing imparts a dimension to flat images that fashion them alive, vibrant and intact. In the pitch of web media, advertisement media, online marketing, product photography and promotion and any other visual presentation ? image shadowing as image editing is deemed the nuts and bolts.
Retouching & Restoration
Image Editing
Retouching & Restoration is to showcase your precious photo or pictures with some extra image editing or ornamentation.
Glamour Enhancement
Image Editing
Glamour Enhancement alias whether call it digital makeup or glamour makeover, has become a linchpin to the success story of Model agencies and Fashion Industries.

Photoshop Object Removing
Image Editing
Photoshop Object Removing service clearly dictates any removal of an object, element or people from an image what is either considered unwanted or surplus anyway.
Raster to Vector Conversion
Image Editing
Raster to Vector?conversion?refers to the process of using software and hardware technology to convert raster graphics into vector graphics. It is also called bitmap to vector or vectoeization.

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