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18 Apr 2018
BASIS-CPTU Meeting Held
08 Apr 2018
BASIS Executive Council’s Installation Ceremony Held
02 Apr 2018
Syed Almas Kabir is the New President of BASIS
31 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election (2018-2020) Held
15 Mar 2018
BASIS Executive Council Election will take Place on 31 March, 2018
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Pharmaceutical Quality Compliance (PQC)

The PQC application is a centralized web based information management system for Pharmaceutical QC / QA to store batch analytical result, manufacturing information, and to track, monitors analytical / manufacturing data in a secure manner. The system supports the management of analytical result data of raw material, packaging material, water, finished product and stability of products.

The main functionality of PQC is to track a batch life cycle from manufacturing to batch release. The system enables the printing of reports like Certificate of Analysis (COA), trend analysis and other reports.

Pharmaceutical Mobile Sales Order (PMSO)

PMSO is combination of both web and mobile application where sales order comes from the mobile application using GPRS and mobile phone and then distributed through the application to the sales centers.

PMSO automates the sales order process by which medical sales representative takes order for pharmaceutical product from there customers, and through GPRS / EDGE sends the orders in real time to the head office. The system has two modules a mobile application and a web based desktop linked to a central server. The application also features the capability which can generate mass SMS to communicate and interact with organization's field sale force.

The system also provides rich reporting features (mobile and desktop) for both sales personnel and management. Other features are messaging via GPRS between server to hand held device (mobile phone) providing medical sales representative instant information on sales orders and account status.

Pharmaceutical Daily Call Report (PDCR)

The PDCR application is a centralized web based application which allows sale representatives to enter their own activities like calls related information, call plans, and call reports in real time.

The application has built in business intelligence and some of the features are; region-team-territory relationship, call planning & reporting, mail merging, doctor customer relationship, potentiality (product, territory, global) roles and privileges, searching, audit trail, admin and many other. DCR can generate various reports, graphs, charts and dashboards instantly on field force activities.

Pharmaceutical Sales Effectiveness Tool (PSET)

The PSET is a centralized web based application where sales team including management will be able to manage and monitor through sales target and achievement. PSET application is mainly reporting tool for sales, marketing and management team.

Bulk SMS Application
General Solution

SMS (Short Message Service) application is a web based application by which users can generate mass SMS to communicate and interact with organization’s field sale force. System will generate sales forces report and if user wants to send message to a single or to multiple person able to send. User will also able to send message using mobile number.

Asset Management System
Accounting & Finance

AMS is full blow standalone asset management system that will keep track of all assets of an organization. Features and functionality includes depreciation, accumulated depreciation, post capitalization, impairment (unplanned depreciation) re-valuation of assets with historical data, salvage value retiring assets without revenue, retiring assets with revenue, asset year-end processing; perform fiscal year changes, opening a new fiscal year for a company code and carrying forward asset values from previous fiscal year, perform end-of year close, perform reverse of end-of year close, transfer assets and other features.

The application has rich reporting features like reports by asset class, business area, cost center, location, group assets, leased assets and many other reports.

Defect Management System
Other Applications

DMS (Defect Management System) is a comprehensive web-based defect management and issue tracking system that helps to improve overall quality of a software product and will increase organizational efficiency and productivity, decrease bug resolution time, promote cross-functional cooperation, as well as plan and assess team performance at all levels. Some of the features include platform tracking, audit trail, version control, search, modules and functional areas, metrics and statistics and a comprehensive set of features that is required to track and manage software defects.

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