Agile Codex Ltd.
Company Name Agile Codex Ltd.
BASIS Membership No. A385
Short Profile
Agile Codex Ltd, is an information technology (IT) service provider with one and half decades of experienced developers, has developed a wide range of web, mobile and desktop applications for many small businesses and large organizations mostly in North America, Australia and Europe.
We are committed to provide quality software products and services according to the requirement specifications in time and in budget. Our missions are to meet client requirements accurately with 100% quality and to develop long lasting software using standard frameworks so that our clients business can gain sustainable growth.
Year of establishment June 2012
Address Flat J/1, House 5/1, Block E, Lalmatia, Dhaka - 1207
Contact No. Phone: +8802-9137384 Fax: N/A
Company website
Organizationís head in Bangladesh Wasim Haider Chowdhury
Designation Managing Director & CEO
Mobile/Direct Phone +8801712144987
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
Membership with other organization N/A
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise E-commerce 30
2nd Expertise Outsourcing 25
3rd Expertise IT/ITES 20
4th Expertise Garments & Textile 5
5th Expertise Mobile/Handheld Applications 7
Language/ Tools
C#, XML, XHTML, VB, Python, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Drupal, Joomla, Java, Javascript, DHTML, CSS, Ajax, ASP, .NET
Linux/Unix, Windows
Mobile Platform
Apple, Android
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
Hospital Management Healthcare Both 08 Yes
E-Commerce Development E-commerce Both 09 Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, nopCommerce No
Android Apps development Mobile/Handheld Applications Both 08 No
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 3 KBS, CarleyLamps
Accounting & Finance 3 KBS, CarleyLamps, Network Educational
Web Services 20
Mobile Application 7
E-Commerce 30 KBS
Product Information
Product Category Title Details Image File
E-Commerce E-commerce Development

1) Cross platform compatible

2) Responsive and mobile ready

3) Flexible and scalable

4) Search engine optimized

5) Data acquisition, Parsing and Comparison

6) Frontend technologies: CSS, Bootstrap, JS, AngularJS, jQuery

7) Backend technologies: PHP, Magento, OpenCart, wooCommerce, Apache, Nginx, AWS, OpenStack

8) Secured, SSL, Encrypted

9) Optimized Database Design with MS SQL, MySQL 

10) API support

11) Optimized for fast browsing

12) Able to handle large number of HTTP requests

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Agile ERP Software for RMG & Textile Industry


Agile ERP Software for RMG & Textile Industry:


Our ERP system increases operational excellences:

  • By implementing right business processes,
  • By integrating Accounting, Inventory, Production, HR, Payroll, CRM and Sales/LC into one system, by reducing operational tasks and,
  • By assisting in Decision making effectively.


Core Modules:


  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Sales/ LC / CRM management
  3. HR & Payroll Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Production Management


1.    Features of Financial Accounting Module:

1.1      Chart of Account 

1.2      General Ledger

1.3      Accounts Payable

1.4      Accounts Receivable

1.5      Trail Balance Statement

1.6      AP Statement

1.7      AR Statement

1.8      Income Statement

1.9      Balance Sheet

1.10    Balance Sheet Yearly Comparisons

1.11    Cash Flow Statement


  1. Features of Sales/LC/CRM Module:


2.1      Lead generation

2.2      Sample Product

2.3      Campaign

2.4      Back-to-Back LC 

2.5      Proforma Invoice

2.6      Shipment Notification

2.7      Email History

2.8      Campaign


  1. Features of HR/Payroll Module:


3.1      Employee Basic Profile

3.2      Employee Details Profile

3.3      Leave Management 

3.4      Attendance

3.5      Overtime Statement

3.6      Salary Statement

3.7      Barcode Integration


  1. Features of Inventory Module:


4.1      Item & Raw material Entry Form

4.2      Multi-store management

4.3      Section/Floor wise sub-store 

4.4      Requisition Entry & Approval

4.5      Purchase Requisition Entry & Approval

4.6      Standard Price Comparisons for Parts/Accessories/Raw materials

4.7      Stock management in Production

4.8      Stock Alert

4.9      Stock Report

4.10    Consumption Report


  1. Features of Production Module:


5.1      Planning for Knitting/ Cutting / Finishing

5.2      Consumption report for Knitting/ Cutting / Finishing

5.3      Actual Consumption & Planning Comparison Report

5.4      Finished Goods Report

5.5      Shipment

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Agile HMS Software for Hospital & Clinic


Agile Hospital Management System (HMS) provides meaningful services:

·         By integrating Registration, Appointment, Prescription, Billing/Accounting, Clinical/EMR,  and Patient Portal into one system, and

·         By assisting using existing records.

Core Modules:

1.       Patient Registration

2.       Appointment

3.       Prescription

4.       Billing & Accounting

5.       Clinical Management & EMR

6.       Reports

7.       Patient Portal

1.   Features for Patient Registration Module:

1.1         Patient Registration

1.2         Demographics Information

1.3         Bed Allocation

1.4         Outdoor Management

1.5         Reference & Assign Consultant

2.   Features for Appointment & Scheduling Module:

2.1            Supports multiple appointment facilities

2.2            Patient appointment notification via email

2.3            Compact and flexible appointment calendar

2.4            Restricting appointments based on type

3.   Features for Prescriptions Module:

3.1            Drug search

3.2            Create, Track and Print prescriptions and medications 

3.3            In-house pharmacy dispensary support

4.   Features for Billing / Accounting Module:

4.1            Flexible system of coding

4.2            Insurance Eligibility Queries

4.3            Insurance Tracking Interface

4.4            Accounts Receivable Interface

4.5            Sales

4.6            Details billing report

5.   Features for Clinical Management & EMR Module:

5.1            Medical Issues / Patient’s Complains

5.2            Patient History / Immunizations

5.3            Sign / Symptoms

5.4            Initial Diagnosis

5.5            Medications

5.6            Investigations (Pathological etc)

5.7            Clinical Procedures

5.8            Diagnosis

5.9            Doctor Reminders

5.10         Patient Reminders

5.11         Patient Reports

5.12         Referrals

5.13         Patient Notes

5.14         Disclosures

5.15         Clinical Quality Measure Calculations

5.16         Automated Meaningful Use Measurement Calculations

5.17         Electronic Syndrome Surveillance reporting

5.18         Dated Reminders

6.   Reports:

6.1            Appointments

6.2            Patient Lists

6.3            Prescriptions and Drug Dispensing

6.4            Referrals

6.5            Immunizations

6.6            Clinical Measure Calculations

6.7            Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Calculations

6.8            Automated Measure Calculations (AMC) and Tracking

6.9            Syndromic Surveillance

6.10         Pending Procedure Orders

6.11         Ordered Procedure Statistics

7.   Features of Patient Portal:

7.1            Reports

7.2            Labs

7.3            Medical Problems

7.4            Medications

7.5            Allergies

7.6            Appointments 

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Web Services Web Development

1) Cross platform compatible

2) Responsive and mobile ready

3) Flexible and scalable

4) Search engine optimized

5) Data acquisition, Parsing and Comparison

6) Frontend technologies: CSS, Bootstrap, JS, AngularJS, jQuery

7) Backend technologies: PHP, ASP, Apache, Nginx, AWS, OpenStack

8) Secured, SSL, Encrypted

9) Optimized Database Design with MongoDB, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc

10) API support

11) Optimized for fast browsing

12) Able to handle large number of HTTP requests

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Mobile Application Mobile Apps Development

Our developers and designers are experienced and proficient enough to develop and design Mobile apps for all kind of business.


Core Features:

1.1.       Lightweight mobile apps

1.2.       Cross platform mobile development

1.3.       Support latest iOS and android

1.4.       User friendly

1.5.       Ionic Framework, Android SDK

1.6.       Flexible and scalable

1.7.       Creative look

1.8.       Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video

1.9.       Push Notifications

1.10.    Fast and secured

1.11.    Social media integration

1.12.    E-commerce integration

1.13.    Web platform integration

1.14.    ERP and other Intranet application integration

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Export Information
Does this company export Yes
Percentage of revenue(last year) from export 95%
Country/s of export (last 3 years ) United States of America, Australia
Is this a foreign JV No
Are you a captive center of a foreign organization No
Address of the organization KBS
Future market expansion (country) Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 17
IT Resources 11
Contact Person
Name Wasim Haider Chowdhury
Designation Managing Director & CEO
Mobile +8801712144987
Company Profile