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IT- Business Leaders conference at HI-Tech Park
25 Jul 2010
About 250 guests representing not less than 150 IT companies of Bangladesh on Sunday, 25 July, 2010 enjoyed a kind of a picnic in a quiet and serene environment at a remote village at Kaliakoir in the district of Gazipur as they were invited by Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) to attend a conference in the newly-built administrative building in the under-construction Hi-Tech Park, 50 kilometers north of Dhaka. The administrative office of the Hi-Tech Park erected at Kaliakoir, Gazipur, as a symbol of the great expectation from the IT entrepreneurs of the country. The much talked Hi-Tech Parked finally opened the gate for national and international IT investors to show how the government is prepared to facilitate the IT industry. 247 acres land with high speed internet connection and uninterrupted power supply will make the country one of the global outsourcing destinies. The land for the Hi-Tech Park was acquired some years ago but its development was slowing down time to time. Now it is prepared to boost the local IT industry and such huge land with a vast panoramic beauty will need foreign investment to grow up with businesses. Biggest ever scope at the doorstep of the IT industry just came and strong profession outlook is needed to grip the international business after being settled at the Hi-Tech Park. State Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT, Architect Yeafesh Osman joined an event at the Hi-Tech Park titled, "The role of Hi-Tech Park, Software Technology Park and ICT Incubator for the development of IT industry" which was organized by BASIS, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services. The State Minister invited businessmen to build own building for developing a world class technology hub and he laid focus on R&D. The State Minister shared his experience of visiting some hi-tech parks in other countries. He emphasized on building eco-friendly out sourcing and technology hubs. About 19 crore Taka has been allocated by the government to build roads across the Hi-Tech Park. Road construction will be started after the allocation of the land among the IT investors. Bus and train services will connect the Hi-Tech Park with Dhaka for comfortable and quickest communication. The Park will bear a digital university to cater the required experts to the IT industry. Best utilization of the Hi-Tech Park will spring off more Tech regions, thus these regions will be developed, employment will be growing up and the country will earn like the garment industry. Already a negotiation with SAMSUNG is going on with the government to kick off a biggest IT establishment at the Park which may employ at least 1000 IT professionals. Besides the Park BASIS also demanded and demonstrated requirements for more IT incubators and software technology parks in Dhaka. The apex software association suggested that Jonota Tower can be converted into a software park for building the software industry. Another request of them was to build a software park at the BCSIR arena. India and Pakistan are enriched with many Hi-Tech Parks, our neighboring country Bhutan is also building a Hi-Tech Park. So far we lagged behind for lack of Hi-Tech Park. Many smaller hi-tech parks, in terms of sizes, than the Kaliakoir Park are employing huge IT professionals as well as fuelling up export growth. The elegant place for the Hi-Tech Park will allure investors if production goes up smoothly and Hartal typed political activities cannot hamper the operation. In addition to the IT infrastructures other facilities like hotel, hostel, swimming pools etc can encourage investors and foreign experts to stay in or around the Hi-Tech Park. This well-built IT park will invite NRB IT experts to come back home and it will stop brain drainage. However, participants in the conference were excited to learn many development efforts being undertaken by various stakeholders in both public and private sectors. One such effort is to set up a world-class ICT Institute that may ultimately be turned into an IT University under Public-Private Partnership with Bangladesh Computer Samity and the Ministry of Science and ICT entrusted with its implementation. Such a university will undoubtedly serve as a fountain to ensure a smooth supply of resource persons to man the Hi-Tech Park. It is hoped that wards of middle class families who are meritorious students but cannot really afford high education expenses to study in private universities at home or abroad will be given special preference to enroll themselves in the proposed IT Institute.
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