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22 Oct 2014
Bangladesh Should Work on Country Branding
19 Oct 2014
BASIS Received MCCI Award for the contribution in ICT Sector
12 Oct 2014
BASIS Executive Director participated in IT-BPM Summit in Manila
11 Oct 2014
BASIS participating in GITEX Technology Week 2014 at Dubai
03 Oct 2014
BASIS Vice President attended WTO Public Forum
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No. of members: 782 companies (as of 31st October 2014)
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List of All Members
1.20-20 Technologies Bangladesh Limited
2.2RA Technology Limited
3.A. R. Communications
4.Aalo IT
5.aamra infotainment limited
6.aamra solutions limited
7.aamra technologies limited
8.ABCO Overseas Corporation Ltd
9.Access InfoTech Limited
10.Access Telecom (BD) Ltd.
11.Ace Data Products
12.ACME IT Ltd
13.Activation Limited
14.Actual IT & Media
15.Adaptive Enterprise Limited
16.ADDIE Soft Ltd.
17.Admiral IT Limited
18.ADN Technologies Ltd
19.ADNTelecom Limited
20.Advance Bangla Software & Technology Ltd
21.Advance IT And Business Solution Ltd
22.Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd
23.Advanced Software & IT Services Ltd.
24.Advanced Software Development
25.Adventure Soft
26.Aftab IT Limited
27.Agni Systems Limited
28.Ahsania e-Solutions
29.Aim Way Associates (Pvt.) Ltd
32.AK Consultancy Ltd
34.Akij Computer Ltd.
35.Akkhor Soft
36.AKR Technology
37.Albatross Technologies Limited
39.Algorithm Software Technology
40.Alien Technology Ltd.
41.Alliance Creation
42.Alpha System Limited
43.Alphabet Associates Limited
44.Amadeyr Cloud Ltd
45.Amplitude Information Technology Ltd.
46.Amravi Ltd
47.AMZ Solutions Limited
48.Ananash IT & Solutions Ltd.
49.Ananda Computers
50.Anupam Infotek Limited
51.Apai 21
52.Aparajito Enabler Limited
53.AplombTech BD Ltd
54.Application Solution Ltd
55.Appnometry Limited
56.Aprosoft Consulting and Training Corp. Ltd.
58.Apsis Solutions Limited
59.Apurba Technologies Ltd
60.Arafat Information Technology and Electronics Limited
61.Aranee IT Ltd
62.ARC Bangladesh Ltd.
63.Arclite Systems Ltd
64.Ardites Bangladesh Ltd.
65.ARENA PHONE (BD) Limited
68.ARIZ Technologies
69.Asian Global Ventures (Bangladesh) Company Ltd
70.Asian Information Technology Ltd
71.Asian Traffic Technologies Ltd
72.Ask Ltd.
73.ASTEROID Systems Ltd.
74.Astha IT Research & Consultancy Ltd
75.Athena Software Associate Ltd
76.ATI Limited
77.ATN & RK Software Limited
78.Attrabit Technologies & Solutions Ltd
79.Australia Bangladesh IT Solution Ltd
80.Autonomy BD
81.Axiom Technologies Limited
82.AyAl Corp
83.Azolution Software & Engineers Ltd
84.Azolve Technologies Bangladesh Limited (AZBD)
85.B G Interactive Limited
86.B2M Technologies Ltd
87.Babylon Resource Limited
88.Balancika Outsourcing
89.Bangla Trac Communications Limited
90.Bangladesh Advanced Technologies Ltd
91.Bangladesh BancNet Ltd.
92.Bangladesh Consultant Ltd
93.Bangladesh Education & Training Academy (BETA)
94.Bangladesh Electronic Payment Systems Ltd.
95.Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited
96.Bangladesh Internet Press Limited
97.Bangladesh Microtechnology Limited
98.Bangladesh System Technology Ltd
100.Banglafire Solution Ltd
101.Banglanet Technologies Ltd
102.BAP-Technology Solution Ltd
103.Barcode Automation (BD) Ltd
104.BASE Limited
105.BASE Technologies Limited
106.Basumati IT Solutions Ltd
107.BD Infosys Limited
108.BD Technologies Limited
109.BdCom Online Ltd. Limited Limited
112.Bdstall Ltd
114.Benchmark-eGeneration Ltd
115.Bengal Mobile QA Solution
116.Bengal Solutions Ltd
117.Best Business Bond Ltd.
118.Best Digital IT Development Ltd
119.Bestec Infotech
120.BETS Consulting Services Ltd.
121.BetterStories Limited
122.Beximco Computers Limited
123.Beyond Technologies
125.Big Bang Computer Limited
126.Bigmastech Communication Limited
127.Binary Quest Limited
129.Biswas Software Technology Ltd
130.BITS Solutions Limited
131.BJIT Limited
132.Blueliner Bangladesh
134.BNH Production Ltd
135.BOO2 Bangla Ltd
136.Bording Vista Limited
137.BPO Solutions Ltd (BPOSL)
138.BRAC IT Services Limited
139.Brahe & Bestec JV Ltd.
140.Brain Station 23
141.Brightech (BD) Ltd
142.Broadway IT Park Technologys Ltd
143.BroTecs Technologies Limited
144.BS Corporation
145.BTS Software Technologies Ltd.
146.Buraq Integrated Solutions
147.Business Accelerate BD Ltd
148.Business Automation Ltd.
149.Business Information Automation Service Line
150.Business Management System & Technology (BD) Ltd
151.C.O.L Software Limited
152.CACTS Ltd.
153.Capisoft Communication Ltd.
154.Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd
155.Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd.
156.CIBL Technology Consultants Ltd
157.CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh Limited
158.Ciproco Computers Limited
159.CKRI Safura Ltd
160.Click-House Studio Ltd
161.ClickBD Limited
162.ClickDiagnostics Limited
163.Clipping Solutions Bangladesh
164.Code71 Bangladesh Limited
165.codeArrow Ltd.
166.CodeCrafters International Ltd
167.Codemate Limitted
168.Codenovo Private Limited
169.Color Maker
170.Comjagat Technologies
171.Commit Technology (BD)
173.Communication Access Ltd
174.Compulink International Ltd.
176.Computer Ease Limited
177.Computer Logic Lab
178.Computer Network Systems Limited
179.Computer Services Ltd.
180.Computer Source Ltd
181.Computer Today
182.Confidence Software Limited
183.ConnectBD Ltd.
184.Convince Computer Ltd.
185.Copotronic InfoSystems Limited
187.CPM Systems Limited
188.CPM Technologies Ltd
190.Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited
191.Crossways IT Limited
192.Crystal Technology Bangladesh
193.CSL Software Resources Limited
194.Cuadrolabs Private Limited
195.Cygnus Innovation Limited
196.Cynergon Intelisys Limited
198.Daemon Systems Ltd.
199.Daffodil Computers Limited
200.DaRam Engineering IT Ltd.
201.Data Edge Limited
202.Data Head Pvt. Ltd.
203.Data Solutions Ltd.
204.Datacraft Limited
206.DataSoft Systems (BD) Limited
207.DaySpring Limited
208.Dedicated Web Team Solutions Ltd. (DWT)
209.Delta Software & Communication Limited
210.Delta Telecommunication Limited
211.Deltech Limited
212.Desh Universal (Pvt) Limited Limited
214.Deshmati IT Enable Services Ltd
215.Design Alliance Ltd
216.Desktop Computer Connection Ltd
217.desme Bangladesh
218.Development Design Consultants Ltd. (DDC)
219.Development Planners and Consultants
220.DEVNET Limited
221.DevsTeam Ltd.
223.Dhaka Centrenic IT Limited
224.Dhakacom Limited
225.Dhrupadi Techno Consortium Limited
227.DiGiBangla IT
228.Digital Construction Limited
229.Digital Firefly Marketing BD Ltd
230.Digital Move IT Ltd.
232.Dimik Infotech Ltd
233.Dipon Consultancy Services Ltd
234.Divine Informatics Limited
235.Divine IT Limited
236.DK Technology Limited
237.DNS Software Ltd.
239.Dohatec New Media
240.Domain Software Technologies Ltd.
241.Dowla IT Industries Ltd
242.DPC- Information Technology Centre Ltd.
243.Dragon Information Technology & Communication Ltd
244.Dream Door Soft Ltd
245.DreamApps (BD) Limited
246.Dreamsite (BD) Limited
247.Drik ICT Ltd
248.Drins Tech Limited
249.Dynamic Solution Innovators
250.E-Link Automation
251.E-pulse Technologies Limited
253.E-Soft Billing Pvt. Ltd
254.E-Vast Infotech
255.E-vision Software Ltd.
256.E.B. Solutions Limited
257.eApparel Source Ltd.
258.eGeneration Ltd.
260.Electro CRAFT Corporation Ltd.
261.Electronic Business Solution Ltd. (eBizzSol)
262.Elucidation Corporation Ltd
263.Embedded Engineering and Robotics Technology Ltd.
264.eMedia Bangladesh
265.Emerging Communications Limited
266.Emotion Tech Ltd
267.Endeavor Limited
269.Enormous Infonet Ltd
270.Enter IT (BD) Ltd
271.Environment Agriculture & Development Services Ltd. (EADS)
272.Epsilon Consulting & Development Services.
273.ERA InfoTech Ltd
274.ERGO Ventures Ltd
275.Escenic Asia Ltd
276.eSoft Arena Limited
277.Esy Solution Limited
278.Ethics Advance Technology Limited
279.eTranz Limited
280.Euro Bangla IT Ltd
281.Eusia BD Ltd
282.eVista Technologies Limited
283.Excel Communications Ltd
284.Excel Company Limited
285.Exling LLC
286.Eyeball International Ltd
287.Ezy Infotech (Pvt) Ltd
288.Ezze Technology
289.Ezzy Automation Ltd
290.Ezzy Communications Ltd
291.F R Orbit International
292.Fiable Technologies
293.Field Nation Ltd
294.Flexible Networks Ltd
295.Flora Limited
296.Flora Systems Limited
297.Flora Telecom Limited
298.Fornix Soft
299.Fortune Computer Services Ltd
300.Fortune Tech
301.Frienz I Park Ltd
302.Funtastic Labs Ltd
303.Fusion Infotech Limited
304.Future Solution for Business (FSB)
305.G5 Tech Innovation Ltd
306.G5 Technologies Ltd
307.Gakk Media (BD) Ltd
308.Gallactic Information & Technology
309.Gateway Information Technology
310.General Automation Ltd
311.Generation-Next IT Solution Ltd.
312.Genesis Systems Limited
313.Genuity Systems Limited
315.Geographical Solutions Research Center Ltd.
317.Global (BD) Nationwide Ltd
318.Global e-Gateway Ltd
319.Global Information Trading (GIT)
320.Global Software Architects (GSA)
321.Global Web Outsourcing
322.Golden Harvest Infotech Limited
323.Gonona Technologies Ltd.
324.Gononet Online Solutions Limited
325.Grameen Communications
326.Grameen Cybernet Limited
327.Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd
328.Grameen Solutions Limited
329.Grameenphone IT Ltd.
330.Graphic Associates International Limited
331.Graphic People Limited
332.Green and Red Technologies Limited
333.Greenland Information Technology
334.GreenSofts System Limited
335.Gretel Solution Ltd
336.Guardian IT Ltd.
337.H.N. Associates
338.Habib Intelligent Software Limited
339.Hard-won International Technologies Bangladesh Ltd
340.Hawar IT Limited
341.HawarIT Software Services Limited
342.Hawker Limited
343.Heart Medical Transcription CO.
344.Helix It Solution [Helix Logix]
345.HOPE-TECH Limited
346.Horoppa Infotech
347.Hosting Help 24
349.Howlader Corporation Ltd
350.Howlader Information Technology Limited
351.HSTC Limited
352.Humac Lab Ltd
353.Hypertag Solutions Ltd
354.i Software Limited
355.I-Pay Limited
356.IB Corporation
357.IBACS Limited
358.IBCS-Primax Software (Bangladesh) Limited
359.Ibrahim Advance IT Ltd
360.ICE Technologies and Services Ltd.
361.ICE Technologies Limited
362.Ice9 Interative Ltd.
363.Icode, Bangladesh
364.Icon Infotech Limited
365.Iconic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd
366.ICT Alliance
367.ICT Solutions Limited
368.Ikarus InfoTech Ltd
369.Impel Service & Solutions Limited
370.IMpulse (BD) Ltd
371.Inception IT Ltd
372.Incitaa e-Zone Ltd
373.Infinity Technology International Limited
374.Info Trade
375.Infobase Ltd.
376.InfoCraft Limited
377.Infocrat Solutions Ltd
380.Inforev Infosys
381.Inforev Limited
382.Information Communication Entertainment Ltd
383.Information Engineers and Consultants Bangladesh (IECB) Ltd.
384.Information Entertainment & Communication Limited (IECL)
385.Information Services Network Ltd. (ISN)
386.Information Technology Consultants Limited
387.Information Tools South Asia Co. Ltd.
388.Informatix Technologies
389.Infosystems Eng Ltd
390.Info_Bit (Pvt) Limited
391.Infrablue Technology
392.InGen Technology Limited
393.Inglobal (Pvt.) Limited
394.InitVent Consulting Services Ltd
395.Innovate 360 Limited
396.Innovation Information System
397.Inpace Management Services Limited
398.Insight Information Technology Ltd.
399.Intellect Technologies Limited
400.Intelligent Image Management Ltd.
401.International Computer Connections
402.International Office Equipment
403.International Turnkey Systems Bangladesh Ltd.
404.Invogue Software Limited
405.IpaHolics Ltd
406.IPvision Ltd
407.Irays Teknology Ltd
408.IT Zone Ltd
409.ITIW (Inspiring Through Information Web)
410.iXora Solution Ltd
411.J & J Business Solutions Ltd
412.J.A.N. Associates
413.Jaba IT
415.Jantrik Technologies Ltd
417.JOBS-ICT Private Limited (JIPL)
418.Jupiter Technology
419.KAZ Software Limited
420.Kazi IT Center Ltd
421.Kento Studios Ltd
422.Khan Brother's Infotech Ltd
423.KitePlex IT Limited
424.Kranti Associates Ltd.
426.Lanka Corporation (PVT) LTD.
427.LankaBangla Information System Limited
429.Leads Corporation Limited
430.LeadSoft Bangladesh Limited
432.Libra Computer Aid
433.Life Yard Links Ltd.
435.Lighthouse Group
436.Link Technologies Ltd
437.Link3 Technologies Limited
438.Livemedicx Solutions Limited
439.Logic BD
440.Logic Software Limited (logicsoftbd)
441.Logic System Development Ltd
442.M & H Informatics (BD) Ltd.
443.M/S Dhaka Services Company
444.M/S Munshi Engineers
445.M2M Communications Ltd
446.Maayas Secutronics Ltd
447.Macro Softwares Limited
448.Maestro (Pvt.) Ltd.
449.Magnifo Technology Limited
450.Magnito Digital Limited
451.Mahi IT Limited
452.Mahmud IT Limited
453.MAMTech Limited
454.Mango Teleservices Limited
455.Mantrust Information & Communication Technology Ltd.
456.MARS Solutions Limited
457.Mashiur Rahman Software Ltd
458.MassiveStar Studio Ltd
459.MasterCard Singapore Holding Pte. Ltd
461.Mavrick Software & Telecom Services Ltd.
462.Mazumder IT Limited
463.Media-Mix Enterprise Limited
464.Mediasoft Data Systems Ltd
465.Medical Management Strategies
467.Megabyte Trade (Pvt) Ltd
469.Metatude Asia Ltd
471.MetroNet Bangladesh Limited
472.MF Asia Ltd.
473.Micro Village Communication Ltd
474.MicroMac Techno Valley Ltd.
475.Microsoft Bangladesh Limited
476.MIDRO' IT & Telecommunication
477.MIEC Lab
478.Milkyway Soft
479.Millennium Information Solution Ltd.
480.Mir Technologies Ltd
481.MM Services Limited
482.MNHs e- Solutions Ltd
483.Mobile Multimedia
484.Monico Technologies Limited
485.Mononsoft Ltd
486.MoonNetworks Limited
487.Mukto Software Limited
488.Multi Microtech Solution (BD) Ltd.
489.Multilink Software Limited
490.Multimedia Content & Communications Limited
491.Multimode Ltd
492.MultiSourcing Limited
493.Multitech Corporation Ltd.
494.My Outsourcing Ltd
495.MySoft Limited
496.Mysoftheaven (BD) Ltd.
497.myspurring ltd
499.N-Wave Co. (BD) Ltd.
500.N2SYS Technology
501.Nano Information Technology
502.Nascenia Limited
503.NaviWorld (Pvt.) Ltd.
504.nazdaq Technologies Inc.
505.Nazimcorp Resource Gateway
506.Networld Bangladesh Limited
507.Neurosoft Technologies Ltd
508.New Era Softwares
509.New Technology Systems
510.Newage Infotech Services Ltd.
511.Newgen Technology Limited
512.Nexdacade Technology (Pvt.) Ltd
513.Next Communication Technology (BD) Ltd
514.Next IT Limited
515.Next Tel Communication
516.Nextgen Networks Ltd
517.NHQ Distributions Ltd
518.Nice Power & IT Solution
519.Nihonsys IT Solution
521.NILAVO Technologies Limited
522.NKSoft Bangladesh Limited
523.NNS Solution
524.Nogor Solutions
525.Nordicsoft Ltd
526.North Bengal IT Limited
527.NP Communication
528.Nuf International Ltd.
529.Nybbles Systems Ltd
530.Oditio Technologies Limited
532.OG Software Ltd
533.Ogilvy and Mather Communications Pvt. Ltd
535.One Point Solution
536.Onecall Solutions Ltd
538.Online Content Provider Limited
539.Online Solution International Ltd
540.Onnorokom Software Limited
541.Onnorokom Web Services Ltd
542.Optimum Solution & Services
543.Optimum Solutions Ltd.
544.Optimus Business Solutions Ltd
545.Opus Technology Limited
546.Orange Business Development Ltd. (Orangebd)
547.Orbit Communications Limited
548.Orbitax Bangladesh Limited
549.Organic Solutions
550.Orimpo Inc. Ltd
551.Orion Informatics Limited
552.Osource Bangladesh Limited
553.Palal Information Technology Ltd
556.PanthoSoft Ltd.
557.PC Link IT Palli Limited
558.Pechas Game Studios
559.PENINSULA IT Limited
560.Phase 3 Solution
561.pi Cyber Logic Ltd
562.Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.
563.Pixel 12 Ltd
564.Pixelnet Technologies
565.Portonics Limited
566.Power IC Limited
567.Pridesys IT Ltd
568.Prime Tech Solutions Ltd
569.Prodhakasoft Ltd
571.Progmaatic Developer Network
572.Progoti Systems Ltd
573.Projonmo Technologies
574.Projukti Corp. Ltd
575.Prolog Bangladesh Limited
576.Promiti Computers and Network (Pvt) ltd
577.Property Bazaar Limited
578.QSR Systems Ltd.
580.Questco Limited
581.R M Systems Ltd.
582.R.R Software Ltd.
583.Radiant Data Systems Limited.
584.Radisson Digital Technologies Limited
585.Rai Tech Services Limited
586.Raihana Consulting
587.Rainbow Software Ltd
588.Raise IT Solutions Ltd
589.Rational Technologies Ltd
590.Raven Systems Ltd Limited
592.Red Green BD IT Solution
593.Red Orange Limited
594.Relisource Technologies Ltd.
595.Resources Plus (RP)
596.REVE Systems Limited
597.Right Brain Solution Ltd.
598.Right Time Limited
599.Ring Back Ltd
600.Rise Up Labs Limited
601.Roots Information Technology (RIT)
602.Royal Green Infotec Ltd.
603.Royal Green Online Limited
604.Royex Technologies
605.RTC Hubs Limited
606.RTM International Ltd
607.Runner Cyberlink Limited
608.Rupkotha Production
609.Ryans Archives Limited
610.Ryans IT Limited
611.Rymden Technologies Ltd
612.S & T Trading (Pvt.) Ltd
613.S R Solutions
614.S. A. Software Ltd.
615.Safe Total IT Solution Ltd
616.Satcom Computers Limited
617.Satcom IT Limited
618.Scan Bangla Software (Pvt.) Ltd
619.Scankort Decode Mapping Ltd.
621.Sedulous IT Services (Pvt) Ltd
622.SELISE rockin' software (Secure Link Services BD Ltd. )
623.Semicon Private Limited
624.Sentrana BD Pvt Ltd
625.Serveno Techonologies Limited
626.ServicEngine Ltd
627.Shapla Online Limited
628.Shayma Information Technology Ltd
629.Sheer Vantage Solutions (SVS)
630.Shehala IT Ltd
631.Shell & Kernel Limited
632.Shurjomukhi Ltd
633.Siddique Softtech Limited
634.Sigma Technologies Limited
635.Sikraft Solutions Limited
637.Simplexhub Ltd.
638.Sky Innova Ltd
639.Skynet Digital (Pvt.) Ltd.
640.Smart IT Solution Limited
642.SocialCube Limited
643.Soft Link
644.Soft Options Ltd
645.Softalk Online (Pvt.) Limited
646.SOFTBANGLA Automation Ltd
647.Softcell Solution Limited
648.Softech Information Ltd
649.SoftPlus IT
650.Softtech Limited
651.Software Shop Limited
652.Software Union Ltd.
653.SoftwarePeople Bangladesh Limited
654.Softway IT
655.Softwind Tech Ltd
657.Solar Soft Limited
658.Solution 9 Ltd
659.Solution Art
660.Solution Chain Shop Ltd
662.Southtech Limited
663.Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd.
664.Spectrum Software & Consulting
665.Speed Technology & Engineering Ltd
666.Sphuron Technology
667.Spinnovation Ltd.
668.Spinoff Studio
669.Splendor IT
670.Square Informatixs Ltd.
671.SS Software Design and Engineering Ltd
672.Star Computer Systems Limited
673.Star Host IT Limited
674.Startrek Associates
675.Stencil Bangladesh Ltd
676.Step Media Ltd.
677.STM Software Limited
678.STM Vision Infotech Ltd.
679.Stock Bangladesh Limited
680.Structured Data Systems Ltd
682.Sumcynet Limited
683.Sunhillworks Limited
684.Supertel Ltd
685.Supreme Structural Engineering
686.SureSoft Technology Limited
687.Suvastu Software Ltd.
688.SW Multimedia Ltd
689.Swansoft Limited
690.SwitchBD Limited
691.Symphony Softtech Ltd.
692.Synchronous ICT
693.Synesis IT Ltd.
694.Syntech Solution Ltd
695.Sysnova Information Systems Ltd
696.Systech Digital Limited
697.System Resources Limited
698.Systems Solutions & Development Technologies Limited
699.T-Series Solutions
701.Talukder ICT Ltd
702.Tappware Solutions
703.Team Creative
704.Team Dimension
705.Tech Cloud Ltd
706.Tech Valley Solutions Limited
707.Techants Technologies Limited
708.Techbd Ltd
709.Technics Computers (Pvt.) Ltd
710.Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
711.Technohaven Company Limited
712.Technology & Business Solutions Ltd. (TBS)
713.Technology Solutions Limited
714.TechnoVilla Solutions Limited
715.TechnoVista Limited
716.Techvision Systems & Solutions Ltd
719.Telesoft Engineering Ltd
720.Thakral Information Systems Private Ltd.
721.The Codero Limited
722.The Computers Limited
723.The Databiz Software Limited
724.The Decode Ltd.
725.The Jaxara IT Limited
726.The Professional Network Ltd
727.The World
728.Therap (BD) Limited
729.TigerIT (Bangladesh) Ltd.
730.Together Initiatives (Pvt.) Ltd.
731.Toon Bangla Ltd
732.TopOfStack Software
733.Total Software Solutions
734.Trade Textile Ltd.
735.Tradexcel Graphics Limited
736.Transaction Solution Limited
737.Transport Planning & Engineering Consultancy Ltd
738.TravNx Limited
739.TRAX Technologies Limited
740.Tritech Computers & Engineers
741.Troyee associates
742.True Services Pvt Ltd
743.Trust IT (BD)
744.Tusuka Technotrade Limited
745.Twister Media Technology (BD) Pvt. Limited
746.UGI Ltd
747.ULKASEMI Pvt. Ltd.
748.Ultimate Information Architect Limited
749.Unisoft Systems Limited
750.Unisource Technology
752.Update Solutions Technologies Ltd.
753.US Software Limited
754.UTC Associates (Pvt) Ltd
755.UY Systems Ltd
756.ValuePLUS Computer Systems Ltd.
757.Vertex Software (BD) Ltd.
758.Visual Magic Corporation Ltd.
759.Vivid Technologies Limited
760.Vizrt Bangladesh Ltd
761.W3 Engineers
762.Walletmix Limited
763.Wan IT Bangladesh
764.Web Information Services Ltd
765.Web Inventa Ltd
766.Webon Pre-Press Services Ltd
769.Win Win Infosys Ltd.
770.Windmill Infotech Limited
772.Winsock Corporation Pvt. Ltd
773.Wintel Limited
774.Winux Soft Ltd.
775.World Com Ltd
776.Worldgaon (Pvt.) Ltd
777.Xponent Info System (Pvt) Ltd
778.Your Trip Mate Ltd
779.Zaman IT
780.ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
781.Zedandzed IT Services Ltd.
782.ZS Solutions Limited
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