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Bangladesh internet Week Seminars and workshops at 50 universities
07 Sep 2015

There are many important issues like – Big Data, Programming, Freelancing as well as career in ICT discussed at those seminars and workshops where experts from Google and others renowned tech personalities from national and international level shared their experiences with young minds.

Regarding the seminars, BASIS Director Co-convener of Bangladesh Internet Week Ashraf Abir said, “One of the main objectives of the technical seminars is to reach internet literacy among all university students of the country and they will implement in daily life. The young people will toward their goal in goodwill of internet.”

Over thousands of interested students participated at those seminars and workshops. There will be held around 50 seminars at another 30 universities across the country. On tomorrow, Tuesday, there will be organised six seminars at different campuses. These are – seminars on ‘Android Development’ at Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute and Dinajpur Computer Technology, ‘iPhone Application Development: Research and Publication’ at Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, ‘Big Data’ at Institute of Science and Technology, ‘PHP Programming’ at Khulna University, ‘Cyber Security and Beyond’ at Barandra University, ‘Freelancing and Affiliated Marketing’ at Eastern University and ‘So You Think You Can Start-up’ at Jagannath University.

Some ten seminars and workshops will be held on September 10, the sixth day of the Bangladesh Internet Week. The seminars, includes, ‘ Ethical Hacking’ at Daffodile International University, ‘Internet Awareness and Beginner wokrshop on Android’ at Comilla University, ‘Internet of things’ at North Bengal International University, Internet of things at BRAC University, Tech Entrepreneur Ananda Niketon, ‘PHP frameworks’, ‘Dot NET programming’ and ‘Programming Contest Importance’ at Noakhali Science & Technology University (NSTU), ‘Career Opportunity’s in ICT Sector’ at North Bengal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS), ‘Internet for Tomorrow, Future of Embedded Technology’ at City University.

Anyone interested can join the seminars and workshop registering at Bangladesh Internet Week website (

The leading internet based businesses, mobile software development organizations, web portals and device companies participate here along with other internet based commodities and services organizations. There are taken different initiative related to internet literacy. The visitors get opportunities to experience those internet initiatives practically at the events.

Detail about the technology carnival available on Bangladesh Internet Week official website ( and Facebook page (

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